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Raygun Gadabout is being developed by Quantum Duck Studio. Below you will find some resources to help you understand the game, including images, videos and basic information. If you require anything else (ie: different formats) please do not hesitate to let us know.



Travel the cosmos aboard your ship, explore alien worlds. Upgrade your abilities and your ship. The final frontier is yours to discover in this epic intergalactic adventure!

Raygun Gadabout is an epic space adventure game, blast across space aboard your ship find planets and nebula, battle space pirates and find new worlds to explore on foot.

  • A vast space world of interconnected solar systems with planets and derelict ships to explore

  • Fast paced combat using close and long ranged attacks. Adapt to your foes

  • Upgrade your ship to reach deeper into the cosmos

  • Unlock new abilities for movement and attack while on foot to reach new areas and take on deadlier foes



Befriend helpful aliens, battle space pirates, solve puzzles, and equip new abilities as you seek to liberate the galaxy from the clutches of the Space Gopher Empire. Grab your raygun and board your ship. You are the RAYGUN GADABOUT!

Raygun Gadabout is a game about exploration. There are two main components: Planet side and galactic travel. The goal is to give you the freedom to explore, do some platforming, solve fun puzzles, and blast hostile aliens into oblivion!


Raygun Gadabout ALPHA trailer

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